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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO plays numerous roles in the realm of web search results. Moreover, it is extraordinarily helpful to obtain high traffic on various search engines like Google, Mozilla Firefox, Yahoo, etc. If you know the SEO techniques, you can rule the web search results!

Yes, it is just like this only. Here, many techniques are used in SEO, which is very important for any brand/ company/article/website to appear on top of the web search results. What one has to do is to follow some simple SEO tactics and become a high traffic gainer, in moments.

On Page SEO: 

On-Page SEO is a part of SEO. To appear on the top pages of the search engines, we need to optimize its content, HTML Code, and architecture. On-Page SEO refers to all the things that one can add on their website to appear at the top of the web search result ranking like- page titles, internal linking, metadata, and description, etc. All these things add high traffic to the website. 

Off Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is also a part of SEO. We apply Off-Page SEO by using social networking sites, article submission, blog marketing, using external links of other websites/articles in your website/article, user behavior and engagement, etc. Off-Page SEO techniques refer to the elements that you can use to make your website ranking higher over web search results. How much top of the search results a website/content/brand can appear, depends upon the Off-Page SEO.

Technical Auditing

Technical Auditing is a process that identifies the technical aspects of a website and uses steps that help to optimize every technical error. Also, those technical errors get fixed to improve the website. It includes methods like checking index status, crawl errors, checking on Google, etc. Search engine bots crawl the web pages to optimize every aspect that affects the ranking. 

Site Optimization

Websites need to get optimized regularly to maintain the search ranking high. In this, we use all the SEO techniques to get the desired output. It is a process of making changes on the (web)site by some technically controlled operations to get high traffic.

Image Search

Adding images to your website/content can improve the chances to appear on top of the web search results. Similarly, searching for the image only that you have used on your website, also result in a high ranking of your website/content. The image should be related to your website/content. Such creativity gets paid off.

Content Development

Content Development is the leading part when it comes to SEO optimization. Each content must be pretty impressive and engaging. Content Development covers everything, from researching, producing, and publishing the content, to achieving the targeted goal of the website/brand.

Keyword Check Report

SMUDE puts extra efforts in prioritizing the most relevant keywords, from discovering rich data/texts, word ranking positions, universal results, and more. SMUDE uses keyword search filters to provide the best content to its client. Keyword check reports provided to our clients regularly. For example, SEO uses KEYWORD RANK CHECKER, to find the rank of the keyword in Google search.

Monthly SEO Audit Report

After optimizing the website SMUDE provides its clients the Monthly SEO Audit Report so that they can understand how their business/brand is performing in the market and what the changes should be done to make the website/content look better.