Digital PR - Becoming a Celebrity


What is Digital PR?


Digital PR is the tactic to boost the online presence of the brand. SMUDE uses all its resources such as building relationships with influencers, spokespersons, arranging media presence in radio, newspapers, e-magazines, articles, and blogs as a part of its Digital PR strategy. Including customer reviews, social media mentions, and success stories, we do everything that can magnify the possibilities of a brand to get remarked in online marketing platforms.

Things that we do under Digital PR, are mentioned below-


Paid Ads Online

We all know the effects of Online Ads on different social media platforms, as these online Ads can lead any brand to a bigger audience. SMUDE offers Online Paid Ads to our clients, to drag more increased customers for their brand. These Ads appear on various social media platforms, which results in gaining more popularity in less duration.


Radio Presence

In today's time, the brands must reach every type of customer to increase their market value. And Radio Presence is one of them. SMUDE makes an extra effort by making Ads and Jingles in audio form, with strong content and loads of creativity, to represent the client over the Radio with our entrusted Radio partner.


Newspaper Articles

There are several varieties of newspapers and e-newspapers available in the market. SMUDE publishes an extensive range of Newspaper Articles with rich content, for its clients. Everything we do to bring a large number of shoppers from the world, just for our clients!